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Speeding up the exit from coal!

Save the Climate – Stop coal!

In December, climate is on the agenda twice: with the world climate summit in Poland and the ‘coal-commission’ in Berlin. While the world negotiates the implementation of the Paris climate agreement, the decision on whether Germany will stick to its promises and quickly opt out of coal will be taken in Berlin.

Time is short. This is what the hot summer of 2018 has made us aware of.

But Germany’s ‘grand coalition’ fails with regard to climate protection: 2020 Climate protection targets 2020? Abandoned. Development of renewables? Thwarted. Exit from coal? Postponed.

This is what we want and will changeto challenge. Together with thousands of people. On 1st December in Cologne, in front of the gates of Europe’s biggest brown coal fields, and in Berlin, on the doorstep of the German government. We claim:

Save the Climate – Stop coal!

Join us for the big climate-double-demonstration!
•    Cologne: Start 12.00, dockyard Deutz (Deutzer Werft; 20 min walk from Cologne main station, or 12 min from ‚Köln Messe/Deutz‘)
•    Berlin: Start 12.00, chancellery (Kanzleramt; right across the river from Berlin main station)


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